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Transatlantic Passage

The piece by Manuel Roig-Franzia in the Washington Post was also published in the  London Independent. There were, some interesting changes. The reference to “Lorena Bobbitt’s emasculating kitchen knife” was omitted. Perhaps the editors of the Independent were worried that it might start giving somebody ideas. Then there was an addition. In the Washington Post […]

A New Religion?

On July 30 the Washington Post published a piece by Manuel Roi-Franzia about the fate of Trayvon Martin’s hoodie: ‘In the moment that the hoodie — Trayvon Martin’s hoodie — appeared in Courtroom 5D in Seminole County, Fla., it was as if the air sluiced out the door. There was a breathless, aching stillness. Prosecutors […]

Radical Racism

Claire Potter at the Chronicle of Higher Education reacted predictably to the acquittal of George Zimmerman. At Tenured Radical we, like so many others, are appalled and heartbroken at last night’s acquittal of George Zimmerman in murder of  Trayvon Martin. She continues: To give money to The Brotherhood-SisterSol, a New York City community organization that […]

Idiotic Overseas Comment

There should be a prize for this from the London Independent. Calls for lethal-force law reform as demonstrations are held for teen shot dead after buying sweets

Letter to the Guardian

Jump to comments (81) Trayvon Martin, who was shot dead in February last year. Photograph: Reuters I wish to express my concern about the item by Garry Young published on the 14th of July. I realize that this was an opinion piece but it seems very irresponsible to publish a piece that includes such a […]

The CNN Rachel Jeantel Interview

Piers Morgan’s interview is a disgrace in many ways and at many levels. First, there is his fawning and obsequious attitude towards Rachel Jeantel. Nobody expects him to be Jeremy Paxman but this is ridiculous. Then, we have the total lack of skepticism when Ms Jeantel lectured on the precise meaning of n***er and n***a […]

The Piers Morgan Guide to Modern Etiquette

17.18 of the Rachel Jeantel interview “Five white women on the jury and one Hispanic lady”