Radical Racism

Claire Potter at the Chronicle of Higher Education reacted predictably to the acquittal of George Zimmerman.

At Tenured Radical we, like so many others, are appalled and heartbroken at last night’s acquittal of George Zimmerman in murder of  Trayvon Martin.

She continues:

To give money to The Brotherhood-SisterSol, a New York City community organization that organizes youth of color against racism, sexism, homophobia and violence, go here.

I wonder if she was bothered by Rachel Jeantel’s explanation that Trayvon Martin was just whooping the ass of a pervert. But perhaps that isn’t homophobia or violence in Ms Jeantel’s or Dr. Potter’s area.

But there is an even more ironic comment by her on a comment by a reader.

Gee, all it would have taken was those white women believing a black woman when she said: “That’s my son’s voice.”

Dr Potter appears to believe that Sybrina Fulton’s claim should take precedence over the identical claim by an a mixed Indigenous American/ Afro-American woman.

Just what is it that makes Ms Fulton so much more credible than Mrs Zimmerman?


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