The CNN Rachel Jeantel Interview

Piers Morgan’s interview is a disgrace in many ways and at many levels.

First, there is his fawning and obsequious attitude towards Rachel Jeantel. Nobody expects him to be Jeremy Paxman but this is ridiculous.

Then, we have the total lack of skepticism when Ms Jeantel lectured on the precise meaning of n***er and n***a and c***ka. Perhaps John Mcwhorter or another sociolinguist will confirm when the African American community stopped using the c-word as a racial slur and used it as a synonym for wannabe policeman.

Then, there is the defamatory assertion that the defense tried to paint a picture of Trayvon Martin as a violent drug user. They did not. The defense did not introduce the toxicology report into evidence even though Judge Nelson had declared it admissible. And if they had, just what was Trayvon Martin trying to do in his SMSs and tweets?

Then,  we have the hilarious spectacle of Ms Jeantel explaining that the jury was so culturally limited that they did not understand that Martin was just “whooping ass” (no doubt in the next interview she will claim that whooping means uttering an excited cheer, not beating” and not bashing Zimmerman. Even more hilarious is Morgan’s moving on to the next question as though she had said nothing interesting.

Then, when Morgan asks about whether Trayvon Martin could have defended himself, she starts talking about being on the phone. Oh dear, Piers, it looks like your script is slipping.

Then, there is lack of response when Rachel seems to say that Trayvon was just beating up a homosexual child molester and she seemed to have incited him.

This should have been a disaster for Morgan and the witchfinders, but it probably won’t.

Will there be a petition for Rachel Jeantel to be changed with a homophobic hate crime?



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