June 24 Highlights 2

Don West’s opening statement was completely different. It began with a joke that fell flat but then recovered and seemed to anticipate just about everything the state had or could come up with it.

Witnesses. The star was Sean Noffke the police dispatcher who, aided by O’Mara,  efficiently disposed of the idea that Zimmerman had disobeyed orders or had been told to stay in his truck. He saw nothing malicious or sinister in Zimmerman’s muttered obscenities.

Chad repeated his deposition except that this time everything was kept very vague. He did not notice Trayvon using the phone.

Tomorrow will probably see Rachel Jeantel called. it seems that she is overweight, unattractive, foul mouthed and has a drinking problem. Nobody seems to have suspected her of being Trayvon’s girlfriend although if she was he would surely have wanted to keep it a secret.


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