June 24 Highlights

Based on comments from websites.

  • We seem to be back to normal. The Zimmerman family have been removed from the courtroom because they are potential witnesses but Crump is allowed to stay.
  • The judge is being ostentatiously rude to the defense.
  • Crump has given a press conference from the courtroom. The only arguments he presents are that Zimmerman was a grown man and that Trayvon had no DNA on his hands or under his fingernails.
  • When the judge asks O’Mara why he has not deposed Crump, he says “I think you know why”. I think we all know.
  • Court will allow the statement by Zimmerman about yelling for help without testifying. A plus for the defense.
  • It seems Crump is out of the court house. If this is because he is a potential witness, this could be very interesting.
  • Opening statement by Guy.
  • Starts with Z’s muttered obscenities.
  • At last. Dee Dee is Rachel Gentle/Gentell. I cannot recall anyone suspecting that. Looks like she will be called by the state.
  • Zimmerman was armed with a gun and two flashlights. (!)
  • Tears from Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. So they are in the courtroom. Does this mean they are not potential witnesses?
  • Phone records will prove TM did not punch Z. (!)
  • No DNA from TM on GZ’s gun. GZ never said TM touched the gun.
  • Not just 2 flshlights. One was large!
  • Guy says GZ’s injuries not serious.
  • Says TM was screaming and was stopped by the gunshot.
  • GZ was a wannabe cop. Does this mean Trayvon’s past was admissible as well?
  • GZ went to a gym for self-defense. Does this mean Trayvon’s fighting is also admissible?
  • It’s done? Surely not?
  • It seems so.
  • Trial: If that’s the best the State has to offer, this is all done, no murder 2, huge waste, disgraceful http://bit.ly/18aHA5t    from Andre Branca
  • Martin-Fulton family weeping. Probably a big plus with the jury.
  • Some commentators describe the opening statement as effective and compelling. Perhaps, but the case seems to be that GZ said some naughty words, that Rachel can be believed, that GZ was not injured very much. It will be a truly sad day for American justice if GZ is convicted because of anything so pathetic.

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