On the Eve

There is now one more day before the trial of George Zimmerman begins.

There have been dramatic developments over the last few days. First, Judge Nelson has ruled that the state cannot call its two “expert” witnesses, a welcome victory for science and common sense although one that has drained the relatively tiny resources of the defense team.

There is and will continue to be speculation about the reasons for her decision. But probably the correct one is the simplest: she wanted to help the prosecution as much as possible and was encouraged to do so by powerful forces but in the end there was no way that she could approve a pair of obvious quacks.

Then the jury has been chosen, an all female one. Most commentators think that is good for the defense but we shall see.

The opening statement for the prosecution tomorrow should be interesting. Will they put Dee Dee or the Dee Dees on the stand. If not, will the defense? Can they call Sybrina Fulton to tug the heartstrings of the jury. If they do, the defense will no doubt ask her to count exactly how many days Trayvon was in fact living with her after his stepmother kicked him out.

What else is there?

Unkind muttered words?


An encounter with a tree to explain Zimmerman’s injuries?

Shadows at the clubhouse?


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