Preview of the Prosecution Case

The defense team should keep on eye on the Frederick Leatherman Law Blog. Not only does Leatherman have a shrewd insight into the strategy of the prosecution but his followers resemble, in their hostility to science, bigotry, barely concealed social snobbery and racism, and general ignorance and lack of analytical skills, the jury that the prosecution and judge are trying to get.
Take note of this comment by “Jun”. My notes are in bold italics.

“I have been having fun thinking of different phrases to use for the opening statements word ban, which I doubt will be granted

Check this

“The defendant, George Zimmerman, targeted

The implication is that there were several people wandering around the gated community at the time of which only one was of interest to Zimmerman. This is clearly incorrect.

and stalked

In Florida law, as in the law of all but one of the states, stalking includes the element of repetition, which clearly does not apply in this case.

an African American 17 year old teenager, and generalized and stereotyped the teenage boy a criminal

Zimmerman made no claim that Martin was committing a crime.

and suspicious,

Martin had entered a gated community not through the gate by punching the code or being buzzed in by a resident but through a gap in the fence and by trespassing on private property. He appeared to Zimmerman to be on drugs and there is evidence that in fact he was. During Zimmerman’s NEN call Martin approached him in an intimidating manner, making a gesture that could be interpreted as meaning that he had a gun. Then he ran away. All this could be considered suspicious by a reasonable person.

for walking down

He was walking between houses, then walking down the street next to the one where a girlfriend of his father lived, then running and then hiding near that residence.

a street he lived.”

Trayvon Martin had apparently stayed at that house the night before with his cousin and the son of his father’s girlfriend. The night before that he may have stayed at a motel with his father. He is reported to have stayed at the house on the Thursday and Wednesday before the shooting. Before that it is not clear where he was living. Sybrina Fulton said he was living with her but Trayvon Martin’s text messages auggest that she was lying about this, as she has on several other occasions.

That’s for profiled LOL

“The defendant, George Zimmerman, aggressively accosted

ZImmerman claims that Martin accosted him and he is supported in this by most versions of the account by “Dee Dee”. In one of Dee Dee’s versions she says that Zimmerman tried to explain himself, in another that he said I dont know what you are talking about. Neither of these responses can be reasonably characterized as aggressive. In another version she says that Zimmerman said what are you doing round here. The credibility of this is diminished by her using a deep voice to imitate Zimmerman, who in all recordings available has a fairly high pitched voice.

the boy and would not let the kid go.

There is no evidence for this

The defendant than battered

Unless we count the small abrasion on Martin’s finger there is no evidence for this. There were also no abrasions or bruises on Zimmerman’s hands.

the boy and attempted to apprehend him

There is no evidence for this.

and made a credible threat

There is no evidence of any threat credible or incredible.

to the young teenage minor’s safety.|

If there was a threat, why did Martin not run to the townhouse where he had stayed the night before, call 911, call his father, call the car in which he had been riding shortly before, call the neighborhood watch number provided to all residents, take a photo or video of Zimmerman or go to a brightly lit space?

That’s for confronted LOL

It is likely that many perhaps most of the jurors will be like Jun and find such a narrative credible.

This is not just a trial of Zimmerman. It is test of the American jury system.


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