Skittles and Iced Tea 3

It is possible that the Zimmerman trial will see profound challenges to traditional American legal doctrine. If the selection process does not produce a jury with at least one African American it is most likely that there will be an outcry about the racist justice system. If there are no Hispanics and should Zimmerman raise the issue publicly he will be castigated as a racist.

And so, the right to a trial by a jury of one’s peers will be transmuted into the right of the alleged victim, represented by his or her relatives, to a trial by his or her peers.

Similarly, it seems that many observers, some with legal training, now believe that the right of self defense only applies if someone is dead or has suffered sufficient bodily harm to be rendered unconscious or otherwise incapable of defending himself or herself.

What is worse is that the presumption of innocence is being transmuted into the presumption of guilt.

Consider this piece by Morris W. O’Kelly over at Huffington Post.

“I want to hear how this “bashing” happened multiple times with Zimmerman neither losing consciousness nor suffering head trauma.”

“I want to hear George explain how and why he shot Martin at “intermediate range” and whether it matches the ballistics.”

“I want to hear how Martin died on the grass but there was no nearby concrete for him to bash Zimmerman’s head.”

And then…

“I am eager to hear how Zimmerman found Martin to be “suspicious” or “up to no good” yet witnessed no criminal activity. Was it the iced tea, the Skittles, the hoodie… or something else?”

Let me ask O’Kelly some questions.

Have you seen the video of Trayvon Martin in the 7-eleven that shows he purchased Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail, not iced tea?

Have you seen the crime scene photograph that shows he was carrying Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail, not iced tea?

Have you seen the latest State discovery that includes a receipt for Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail, not iced tea?

If not, don’t you think you should?

If you have, why do you continue with the lie about iced tea?


One comment

  1. I am eager to hear what the state’s explanation will be as to why they claim Trayvon Martin was screaming during the 911 phone call. That has never made any logical sense to me at all. Even back when I was supportive of an arrest during the first week after I heard about this incident, I always knew that had to be George Zimmerman screaming on that phone call. It just makes no sense at all that it was Trayvon. Forget for a minute that it sounds like George, and just ask yourself the following questions: why would a vigilante who was intent on killing a young black kid call the police and ask them to meet him at the crime scene, then chase down the kid and hold him at gunpoint while allowing him to scream for at least 45 seconds before then pulling the trigger just in time for the cops to arrive? At what point during that time does the state contend that George Zimmerman inflicted his own injuries? If the state can’t answer those simple questions, they have no business prosecuting George Zimmerman.

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