Tracy Martin is due to give an interview to HLN on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Here are some questions that he should be asked but probably will not. Readers may care to suggest others.

1.   At your deposition on March 26, 2012, you said that you had taken Trayvon to a point half way between Miami and Sanford and handed him over to Brandy Green on Wednesday, February 22. At a later deposition on April 2, you changed the date from February 22 to February 21 but not the method of transportation. The evidence from Trayvon’s phone is that he went from Miami to Orlando by bus and that you were well aware of this.

Why did you lie under oath about this? Were your lawyers who were present at the first deposition aware of the lie? Was Bernardo de la Rionda?

2.   In your deposition of March 26, you stated that on the Friday night before the shooting, Trayvon stayed with you at a motel. However, in his deposition on April 27, Chad Joseph said that he went to an NBA game with Trayvon.

Which is correct?

3.   On April 2, you stated that when you contacted “Dee Dee” she did not go into details about her phone call with Trayvon.  On March 19 in a recording released by ABC Benjamin Crump is heard to say  “ when you say you heard the other person yeah, you know like you told Mr. Tracy and Ms. Sybrina this when you say he loud it was like what you doing in here and stuff.”

Why did you lie about not going into details about  ” Dee Dee’s” phone call?

4.   Do you know who Trayvon was living with before his departure to Sanford?


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