Skittles and Iced Tea 2

This is a statement from the Trayvon Martin family attorneys as tweeted by Jeff Weiner of the Orlando Sentinel. Notice that they refer to “Skittles and a tea”.

Once again, the store video, the crime scene photograph and now the receipt show that Trayvon Martin did not buy iced tea or any sort of tea. He bought Arizona watermelon fruit juice cocktail.

The significance of this can be set aside for the moment. For now, the question is this: did the Trayvon Martin family lawyers not see the video, did they not see the crime scene photograph, did they not see the state discovery?

If  they did not  this would suggest either extreme incompetence, in which case Ms Fulton and Mr Martin surely need new attorneys, or a certain degree of dishonesty.

If the attorneys are being dishonest, why are they so obsessive about concealing Trayvon’s purchase of watermelon juice?

#TrayvonMartin family attorneys just emailed out text of the statement Crump gave after #GeorgeZimmerman jury selection today. Here it is: “Today on the third day of the jury selection in the Trayvon Martin murder trial we are inspired by the honesty of the potential jurors. Their answers have been forthright and we have faith that the justice system and the members of the public who are selected for the jury will perform their civic duty in a fair and impartial manner. Yesterday, former NYPD detective Harry Houck commented to FOX that Trayvon would be alive today if he didn’t have a “street attitude.” This comment, made on a live panel, is reprehensible and extremely reminiscent of the victim blaming rhetoric we saw a year ago. We all know Trayvon Martin was an unarmed teenager, who’d just bought Skittles and a tea on a chilly Florida evening in February. George Zimmerman was an armed adult who followed Trayvon down a street, pursued him and then shot him.
We are calling on the media to refuse to perpetuate victim blaming and irresponsible characterizations of Trayvon. The evidence shows there is no blood on Trayvon’s hands. Trayvon is not on trial here, he is the victim. Trayvon’s killer, George Zimmerman, is the man who is on trial.”


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  1. Mordecai, the entire narrative was built on the basis of the police reports that were provided to Ben Crump before they became public. The police reports mistakenly notated “iced tea” and so subsequent lies based on that mistake are easy to spot. Witness 8 told prosecutors that Trayvon bought iced tea. Why would she say that? He certainly wouldn’t have told her that’s what he bought. I believe she was fed that misinformation by Crump prior to the phone call he recorded with her, or by Sybrina Fulton, who got the info from Crump.

    Now they’re so invested in the words “iced tea” that they just can’t bring themselves to correct it.

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