Skittles and Iced tea

If there has ever been a show trial in recent history it is George Zimmerman’s trial for murder. Over the last few days we have seen shameless acts of bias on the part of Judge Nelson, the denial of protection to witnesses for the defense, the seating of Black pastors bringing the weight of organized religion to the massive and pervasive coalition against Zimmerman, the flagrant interruption when it looked as though Bernardo de la Rionda might at last be called to account for months of hiding evidence, the refusal to grant a continuance.

This modern treason of the clerisy has been compounded by the failure of the traditional institutions of American liberalism to protest against the despicable show trial that is about to begin in Florida. The ACLU has not, as far as I know, protested against the charade that has unfolded over the last year. Instead it is protesting against restrictions on the activities of the crowds that will gather outside the courthouse.

Academia has been notably absent from the ranks of those concerned with justice and decency. Back when the Duke Lacrosse players were victims of a cynical racially charged hoax their university was notably deficient in supporting them and there were faculty members who added their voices in support of the bigoted mobs. But there were people at Duke who dissented from the gathering hysteria. Has anyone at Seminole State College said anything at all to distance themselves from this spectacle? Has anybody even wondered why not?

Above all, the media has shown that in  it has become utterly corrupted. It has done no investigative journalism and has instead endlessly repeated falsehoods that have been exposed for months. Instead the task of ensuring even the semblance of a fair trial has fallen to a handful of bloggers operating on a frayed shoestring budget.

Let there be no mistake about it. This is a trial that should never have happened. The state does not have a single uncorrupted eyewitness who can in any way undermine Zimmerman’s version of events. There is no forensic evidence that could support the charge. There is only an earwitness, who was 16 or 18, who had parents or just a mother, who lied under oath about going to the hospital instead of Trayvon’s wake and about texting him before the shooting, who may have been his girlfriend or just “getting there”. It is probable that Dee Dee will not be called by the state. If she is not there will be only the”expert” witnesses.

And so all we are left with is a contest between pseudoscience and science, between superstition and rationality. Over the last few days we have seen two expert witnesses shown up as, at best, pseudoscientists. If this is all they have it would seem inconceivable that any jury would convict. But then again a year ago it would have seemed inconceivable that such a flimsy case could make it to the courthouse.

But these days science and rationality do not count for as much as they did. The inquisition has powerful allies, not least among the contemptible media who are repeating old demonstrable falsehoods.

Take Bay News 9.

The story starts like this

Trayvon Martin. “17-year-old from Miami. Was visiting family friends in Sanford when he was shot and killed by Zimmerman late Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012.

Martin was walking back from a nearby 7-Eleven. He was unarmed, carrying only a bag of Skittles and a bottle iced tea.”

Martin was apparently staying at the residence of a girlfriend of his father, possibly, although far from certainly, with her 14 year old son. He was not carrying a bottle of iced tea. He was carrying a can of Arizona watermelon fruit juice cocktail.

What difference does it make? Quite a bit. It is the difference between a laid back pothead with the munchies — I think everyone has dropped the idea of Trayvon running errands for his 14 year old “little brother” — and a gangsta with a taste for lean, an intoxicating concoction of which watermelon juice is a favored ingredient.

It is months since the crime scene photo and the 7-eleven video showed that Trayvon had not bought iced tea. Now we even have the receipt.

Over the coming days watch the media. See if they start telling the truth about these and other matters.


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