What can they do?

Mark O’Mara has submitted a motion that the state not be allowed to use such prejudicial terms terms as “profiled”, “wannabe cop”, and “confronted” throughout the trial.

Am I mistaken or is the timing of the motion, right after the decision of the 5th DCA, precisely timed to put the Judge on the spot? To deny the motion would surely open the way to yet another appeal.

But, should the motion be granted then this question arises. If the state cannot say that Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin, cannot say that he confronted him, cannot bring Witness 8 to the stand, are not allowed to call has-been or never-wuzzer pseudoscientists, cannot call Sybrina Fulton or Tracy Martin to testify that the screams were that of their son for fear of being asked how well they did know their son, then what can they do?










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