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Well Worth reading

Excellent — as always — post by Mike McDaniel. What sort of country is it when Mike McDaniel is a high school teacher and Frederick Leatherman is a professor? Advertisements

The Closet

Did I get this wrong or did Rachel Jeantel say that she was in a closet when she was interviewed by Crump? There may be some misunderstanding here, perhaps she meant in her bedroom or the bathroom or something similar. Is it possible that she agreed to the interview even though her mother was opposed […]

June 24 Highlights 2

Don West’s opening statement was completely different. It began with a joke that fell flat but then recovered and seemed to anticipate just about everything the state had or could come up with it. Witnesses. The star was Sean Noffke the police dispatcher who, aided by O’Mara,  efficiently disposed of the idea that Zimmerman had […]

June 24 Highlights

Based on comments from websites. We seem to be back to normal. The Zimmerman family have been removed from the courtroom because they are potential witnesses but Crump is allowed to stay. The judge is being ostentatiously rude to the defense. Crump has given a press conference from the courtroom. The only arguments he presents […]

On the Eve

There is now one more day before the trial of George Zimmerman begins. There have been dramatic developments over the last few days. First, Judge Nelson has ruled that the state cannot call its two “expert” witnesses, a welcome victory for science and common sense although one that has drained the relatively tiny resources of […]

Preview of the Prosecution Case

The defense team should keep on eye on the Frederick Leatherman Law Blog. Not only does Leatherman have a shrewd insight into the strategy of the prosecution but his followers resemble, in their hostility to science, bigotry, barely concealed social snobbery and racism, and general ignorance and lack of analytical skills, the jury that the […]

Day 8

The most accurate comment on the proceedings is by Frederick Leatherman. “Bernie de la Rionda spent the day teaching and indoctrinating the panel of 40 prospective jurors (PJs) with the legal foundation of the case that he will present to them in opening statement.” This is improper. It is the duty of the judge not […]