The Hearing of May 28th

In a few hours we will learn how far the corruption of the American judiciary and society has gone .

Several matters will be discussed.

Among them will be whether the judge will admit evidence from “expert” witnesses, Alan Reich and Tom Owen. It will be appalling although perhaps not surprising, if such evidence  is allowed. Reich is a scientific has-been: as measured by publications in the Web of Science his research career ended over two decades ago. Owen, to borrow a phrase from John Le Carre, is a scientific never-wuzzer.

If the judge allows such evidence while restricting voice stress test evidence which, while still not being universally accepted, is somewhat more soundly based, it would be a very clear demonstration of bias on the part of Judge Nelson.

The judge will also decide whether Trayvon Martin’s violent behavior is relevant. To exclude such evidence from a self-defense case would be a further indication of bias.

In the probable cause affidavit, the proesecution claimed that Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin. Later de la Rionda expanded this to mean incorrectly profiled as criminal. If Zimmerman is not allowed to provide confirmation when he observed that Martin appeared to be on drugs, it would be yet another confirmation  of bias.



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