The Journey to Sanford

Previously I noted that Tracy Martin had testified that he had driven Trayvon to a point halfway between Miami and Sanford and handed him over to Brandy Green who then took him to her home in Sanford.

This seemed very odd since there is a fast, regular and cheap bus service between Miami and Orlando. It now seems from the third supplemental discovery from the defense that Trayvon did in fact take the bus and that, as indicated by his text messages, the journey was uneventful.

Why then should Tracy Martin lie under oath and invent a fictitious halfway handover?

At the moment, the only reason I can think of  is that he had heard something about Trayvon swinging on a bus driver, which may actually have started with Trayvon boasting about a verbal exchange or just making something up. But Martin Senior wanted to take no chances so he was giving his son a posthumous alibi.

But why invent such a strange trip? Why not just say I drove him to Sanford after work, slept a couple of hours and then went back in the morning?

Is it possible that Tracy Martin was grafting the alibi onto a trip that had happened before so that neither he nor Brandy would need to take time off work? Is it possible that on those trips something was handed over that was kept in Brandy’s garage and that had to be removed early on the morning of the 27th before calling the police?


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