Disgusting George Zimmerman

This is from “Malisha” a commentator at the Frederick Leatherman Law Blog.

I await the media condemnation of such homophobia, obesophobia and betaphobia.

“I have always seen (since the first video) the physiological presentations of Fogen as looking essentially babyish and unmanly. Uncomfortably so. I hate to see a grown man give little childish expressions of dismay, injured innocence, and obvious boo-hoo fakery. It offends my vision of what a man should be. His shrugs, his smirks, his fake-military-ish “yessir” and “nossir” bleats, his Hannity-Shmannity “pretend big boy” act, his fraudulent correctness posture, his roundy hand-move-lie-covers, his prissyness. Ugh. Creepycreepycreepy.

His posture is babyish. He carries his tummy wrong. He has a midriff wiggle that I find slightly nauseating. This was true at the “re-enactment” before the serious weight-gain. He just LOOKS babyish and ACTS babyish and has none of that REAL baby charm. Junior has some of it too but he disguises it better. Perhaps it makes him “attractive” in a gay way, I don’t know. I once knew a lesbian woman who had those physical baby-like characteristics but SHE WANTED THEM and she often used expressions that made it clear she was playing up that “poor widdow meeee” image. Seeing them on a man is irritating.

Probably I am displaying some sexism in this discomfort I feel for this aspect of Fogen’s physical and verbal characteristics. I don’t know.”


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