The Loser and the Kid with a Future

Anyone who thinks that the absence of evidence or witnesses will mean the collapse of the case against George Zimmerman should read the comments at Frederick Leatherman Law Blog. One finds there not just hatred of an alleged murderer but disgust for  a creature with the charm and intellectual capacity of a slug.

I suspect that this disgust is shared by a very large number of women, not just African American, and that the defense will be making a big mistake if they allow the jury to be packed with women in the expectation that they will identify with a man who was concerned with protecting lives and property.

But just why is George Zimmerman so disgusting. It appears that he is a loser and a nobody.

shannoninmiami posting on April 30, 2013 is a good example.

never seen her [referring to Jeralyn Merritt at Talkleft] site. but i understand what your saying.
yes its telling when those two creepy groups [Talkleft and the Conservative treehouse] would rather get behind such a true loser nobody of an afro Peruvian and hate the decent, non-violent, good-looking black kid with a future!
no reason, just more racist towards a black kid than a Spanish guy.
and gz and joonyah will be shocked and amazed how quick these same racist idiots will turn on the next afro Peruvian that does something offensive to anyone whiter”

One wonders why  Zimmerman is such a loser. He had a job. He owned a truck. He was married. He spoke respectfully to women.  He was taking community college courses while working full time. He did the shopping. He spoke out against police corruption. He was fluent in two languages.

In terms of ethnicity, age, level of education and political views he was about as average as it is possible to be.

And that I think is his problem. He is uninteresting, boring, unexciting, lacking in charisma, painfully average, except maybe that he had an excessive trust in the decency of American society.

Would anyone be bothered if he had shot an ugly white or Afro-Peruvian kid instead of a good-looking black kid?

And let us ask again. Precisely what future is there for someone who cannot pass the FCAT?


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