The Corruption of the Media

An article at HLNTV illustrates perfectly the decadence of the American mass media. My comments are in bold.

It asks what George Zimmerman and Jodie Arias had in common. The answer is that they both claimed self defense. The implication is that George Zimmerman will suffer the same fate as Jodie Arias and deservedly so.

The story goes like this:

… Zimmerman … called 911 …

He did not. He called the Non Emergency Number.

… when he spotted the teenager walking home …

Trayvon Martin was apparently going to the home of a girlfriend of his father’s.

… from a convenience store …

Trayvon Martin had been doing something other than walking or he would have been “home” long before George Zimmerman saw him.

Zimmerman also said he was following Martin after the teen started to run. The dispatcher told him to stay back.

A police dispatcher has no authority to tell anyone to do anything. This dispatcher advised George Zimmerman that it was not necessary to follow Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman said OK. There is strong evidence that he made no further attempt to follow Trayvon.

But prosecutors tell a different story. They say Zimmerman profiled the teen, who is black, …

The prosecutor’s affidavit does refer to profiling but does not state the nature of the profiling. Many commentators have assumed that Zimmerman was “guilty” of sartorial rather than racial profiling

… and killed him even though he was unarmed and doing nothing wrong. …

There is strong evidence that he was assaulting Zimmerman.

Photos show Zimmerman with abrasions on his forehead, a bloody nose …

an obviously broken nose

and small cuts on the back of his head. Witnesses have placed both Zimmerman and Martin on top of each other during the struggle.

There is one witness who reported that the bigger man was on top and she assumed this was Zimmerman because the media showed old photos of a much heavier Zimmerman and a much smaller and younger Trayvon.

In the end, jurors found Arias guilty of first-degree murder. What will the outcome of Zimmerman’s trial be?

It is pretty  obvious if the media continue to publish stuff like this.


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