Where are Trayvon Martin’s Girlfriends?

There is something about the Trayvon Martin affair that is puzzling.

He was seventeen. He was not bad looking, even if he stopped being a cherub four years ago. He looked athletic even though he did not play football any more. He showed no signs of aspiring to celibacy or being gay. He certainly wasn’t a nerd. From the two spoken words of his that have leaked into public hearing he had a mature masculine voice.

It is true that he had failed the FCAT so he looked unlikely to graduate from high school or even get a driving license. It is improbable that he would be the next Steve Jobs or find a cure for cancer but would that be such a problem for a 15 or 16 year old girl?

So where are his girlfriends? Dee Dee definitely wasn’t one. A 16, 18 or 19 year old does not talk about a fallen lover like this. Funny. Something. Momma boy. A baby. Fun boy.

So where are they? Even if someone was just starting a relationship with Trayvon or something had fizzled out, surely they would grab the chance for a few minutes fame.

Have they been frightened off in some way?


One comment

  1. Perhaps he didn’t like girls…..maybe he preferred his boys for …..hmmhmmm….companionship.

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