Is any of this significant?

The father of Brandy Green’s son, Chester Joseph, is apparently a former drug dealer.

Brandy Green’s sister, Zakiya Laurent or Zakiya Richardson was arrested for theft in 2010.

Zakiya Richardson was arrested for attempted marihuana trafficking in 2012.

Zakiya Richardson is a professional tax preparer.

Brandy Green is “Worthy Matron” of the Marium 599 Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star and Zakiya Laurent is “Martha”.

Tracy Martin is a Worshipful Master of the Order.

Brandy Green’s brother, Kinsley L Dallas, also known as Kensley Green or Kensley Lamar Dallas,, was convicted of cocaine trafficking in 200o.

Kensley Lamar Dallas was arrested for contempt of court and providing false ID in 2010.

On the morning of february 26th, 2012, Trayvon Martin’s cousin Stephen and Trayvon are said to have carried two boxes to a car.

On the 22nd February, Tracy Martin took Trayvon to a point halfway between Miami and Sanford and handed him over to Ms Green. There is a cheap and regular bus service between Miami and Orlando.

Trayvon Martin was found with jewelry and a burglary tool in his backpack.

Are those dots? Is there a connection?












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