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To hide and then confront

The most recent submission by the defense team refers to text messages from the 26th February that may explain why Trayvon Martin hid and then confronted Zimmerman rather than going home. This seems to suggest that the defense has evidence that Martin did not go home. If so, does that mean he did not stash […]

The Hearing of May 28th

In a few hours we will learn how far the corruption of the American judiciary and society has gone . Several matters will be discussed. Among them will be whether the judge will admit evidence from “expert” witnesses, Alan Reich and Tom Owen. It will be appalling although perhaps not surprising, if such evidence  is […]

The Journey to Sanford

Previously I noted that Tracy Martin had testified that he had driven Trayvon to a point halfway between Miami and Sanford and handed him over to Brandy Green who then took him to her home in Sanford. This seemed very odd since there is a fast, regular and cheap bus service between Miami and Orlando. […]

The State’s Expert Witnesses and the Blogosphere

Re-Newsit Alan Reich – Forensic Expert hired by the State in Zimmerman Case Frederick Leatherman Calling Mark O’Mara’s Bluff Gucci Little Piggy Puberty, Race and the Scream heard Round the World

The Reich Report 4

Alan Reich’s publication record was sound but not spectacular. Between 1976 and 1991 he published 20 papers in phonetics and acoustics in journals listed in the Web of Knowledge database. He does not appear to have conducted substantial peer reviewed research for 22 years. If I have overlooked anything I will immediately update.

Reich Report 3

Concerning a 1994 Case [my bold]   On January 28, 13 days before trial, Dempere disclosed Professor Alan Reich as an additional expert witness. Reich would use voice identification expertise to identify the caller on a taped telephone call in support of Dempere’s telephone harassment claim. Nelson objected to the late disclosure of Reich. Dempere […]

The Reich Report 2

This is from a story in the Seattle Times of 1996 [my bold]. If Reich’s evidence is not allowed in a gross misdemeanor case should it be allowed in a murder trial?   Prosecutors say they still have a case against the superintendent of the Issaquah School District even though a District Court judge ruled […]