Alibi for Trayvon Martin?

Reviewing the accounts of some of the witnesses in the George Zimmerman case, it is noticeable that much of what they say appears to offer an alibi for Trayvon Martin over a period of several days.

Sybrina Fulton saw him on the Wednesday before the shooting. Tracy Martin took him to a point halfway between Miami and Sanford on Wednesday and then Brandy Green  took him to Sanford. He stayed with Ms Green on Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday Chad reported that he went to the store. On Friday Tracy Martin said he was with him at a motel. Also on Friday, Chad said Trayvon Martin  was with him at a basketball game. On Saturday, Ms Green suggests that they were all at the hotel and then Trayvon was at her son’s football game. Then he was at her house. Then she saw him sleeping on Sunday morning. In another account he helped to load boxes into a car on that morning. Chad has him staying in the house until halfway through the basketball game.

Did something happen which they did not want Trayvon to be associated with?


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