On the 27th of April, 2012, Chad Joseph (CJ), then the 14 year old son of Brandy Green (BG) was interviewed at Sanford Middle School by Bernard De La Rionda and John Guy. This is a month after BG’s deposition. After hearing about the depositions of DeeDee (DD), it is safe to assume that his mother and possibly other people were present at the interview.

CJ said that on Friday he had attended a basketball game with Trayvon Martin (TM).  He had been dropped off by his mother. It is not stated where he was before the game, where he went after the game or where it was. The apparent failure of the interviewers  to ask these questions may be significant.

On Saturday night CJ had a football  game. After the game CJ, Stephen Martin (SM)  and TM went to CJ’s house. They were hanging out. SM slept in the garage and TM in the living room. SM left  Sunday morning.

Later CJ and TM were watching a basketball game on TV.  TM wanted a snack and went to the store. CJ asked TM to get him skittles. TM left and was gone for a while. CJ called TM who said it was raining and that he was on the way back.

CJ went  to bed when his mother returned.

CJ further stated that TM had walked to the store on the previous Thursday. He said that he heard nothing because he was in the front room playing games with the headphone on.

There is nothing in this account about CJ being at the hotel on Friday night. If he was not and if he was with TM then it would appear that Tracy Martin (TCM) was inaccurate in saying that TM had been with him at the hotel.

It is difficult to avoid thinking that BG and TCM had decided that claiming that CJ or TM was at the hotel at any point during the weekend was not a good idea so they decided that the narrative would be that BG had left CJ with a responsible high school student ever eager to run errands and that TCM had assigned a responsible young man to supervise TM.

But where was CJ on Saturday night and Sunday? He says he was hanging out but SM does not mention him. He confirms SM’s leaving on Sunday morning but there is nothing about  TCM or BG  arriving on Sunday morning or about moving things to the car. Probably, he was at the townhouse while TM and SM were out most of the night returning on Sunday morning.

Getting to the trip to the store, this is rather odd. I seriously doubt that any 17 year would trudge a mile and back just to buy candy for the 14 year old son of a girlfriend of his absentee father. And if TM was going to get something for himself and asked if CJ wanted anything then why did he not get a snack for himself?.

Also, CJ could not have been watching the basket ball game with TM since the latter was dead before the game began.

But when TCM made his calls on Monday morning he says that TM was last seen at 8.30 PM. This is suspicious since it was over an hour after TM was shot. It seems unlikely that TCM was bothered about TM not spending the night where he should be so it would seem that his call was because he knew that  something had happened nearby and wondered if TM had something to do with it. The reference to 8.30 is likely an attempt to place TM away from the scene of the shooting (at that point TCM might not have known that TM had died.) The references to the basketball  game might have developed from the need to find a justification for the last 8.30 PMsighting.

There has been some discussion about whether CJ was actually at the house. I am inclined to think that he was. It would have been to the advantage of BG and TCM to have said that CJ was with them the whole weekend at the hotel except for a trip to the football game and that TM was just house sitting while waiting for his father to come and give him a lecture about punctuality and responsibility.

As for inventing CJ ’s presence at the house to justify TM buying skittles, it would surely have been better to say that TM was looking after the house for us and, yes, he was still a bit of baby with a sweet tooth to go along with his bike and love of comedies and shyness with girls (DD always had to call him) etc.

It is probable then that CJ was at the house all day , that he remained there when TM went to the store , probably with SM, that the skittles were not for CJ, that CJ heard the incident or saw the police  activity but suspecting that it had something to do with TM stayed in his room until his mother and TCM returned.


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