Stephen’s Narratives


Once again I intend to provide references as soon as possible.

The deposition of Stephen Martin (SM), Trayvon Martin’s (TM) cousin, was taken by state prosecutor  Dale Gilbreath and investigator O’Steen on the 10th of May outside his apartment in Miami at 11 AM. The taking of the deposition outside the apartment suggests that SM was not particularly friendly and that it may not have lasted very long. Possibly, also, SM did not wish the prosecution team to see who else was in the apartment.

There is no indication about what SM was doing on the Friday before the shooting.

SM says that he was with TM and Chad Joseph (CJ), Brandy Green’s son, at CJ’s football game on Saturday night.

Then they went to the townhouse at the Retreat at Twin Lakes (RTL) so that CJ could clean up.

After this CJ is no longer mentioned. The implication of cleaning up is that he was to be taken somewhere rather than just being left at home to go to sleep.

SM said that he and TM went to the movies near the townhouse but did not go inside. They went to McDonalds and were back at the house by 11 PM. He states that he slept in the garage although the time of sleeping is not mentioned. He further states that at some point TM was on the phone and that he grabbed the phone to try to identify the girl that TM was talking to but was not able to do so.

In the morning Stephen says that he got up and drove to the 7 – eleven with TM and bought a black and mild and drove back to the townhouse. TM stayed in the car. Between 8 and 8.30 SM left.

There is much in this narrative that is implausible and much that conflicts with other accounts. SM says nothing about being at the hotel. If SM left between 8.00 and 8.30 AM why did BG say she saw him sleeping when she returned? If BG came back earlier why did SM not notice this?

Then there is the purchase in the morning of a black and mild. It would require an extreme amount of naivety not to realise that the reason for purchase of a cheap cigar was to fill it with marihuana and smoke it. The only reason for SM to admit to state prosecutors that he had purchased a black and mild would be that he had in fact done so and suspected that this had been recorded on video.

It seems unlikely that if he and TM had been up until late he would be able to get up around 7 or 7.30 AM to return, presumably, to Miami and even less likely that TM would get up just to accompany his cousin on a trip to the store.

It is far more likely that TM and SM had been hanging out somewhere, getting high or partying and that they returned to the townhouse in the early morning, smoking one last blunt before going to sleep.

Why should Stephen want to claim that he had left the townhouse in the morning? One hypothesis is that he wished to distance himself from TM’s phone.

The idea that DeeDee was TM’s girlfriend is implausible.  In the interview with De La Rionda she shows little but disdain for him despite his mother sitting next to her. He is also much too young for her.  So why should she be on the phone with him for hours at a time? It is more likely that she was SM’s girlfriend, or wanted to be, and that she was concerned about what he was up to in Sanford. SM had probably left his phone in Sanford or run out of credit and was using TM’s, who was quite happy to use another phone or a computer or watch TV.

SM’s supposed departure on Sunday morning would clear the way for the conversations on that day to be presented as being between DD and TM rather than DD and SM.

The reference in the deposition to SM grabbing TM’s phone to try to find out who TM was talking to would also seem to suggest that someone had grabbed the phone from DD and saw that she was talking to SM. SM appears to be trying to pre-empt the conclusion that it was he who had been on the phone.

So it is probable that TM and SM had been out most of the night and went to sleep on Sunday morning after one last blunt. TM probably slept most of the day while SM may have alternated between dozing and talking to DD.

Another account of the 24 hours before the shooting was published in Esquire in December 2012. TM is described as talking to a friend in Miami, DeWayne, and saying that it was possible he might move to Sanford and change high schools.

SM (or Boobie), in this account, was at CJ’s football game and so was TCM.  The report refers to TCM taking TM and SM to the game and stopping at Kohl’s to buy long-sleeved shirts on the way.

Here SM is described as having moved to the Orlando area and not having seen TM for 2 months. This seems at odds with the deposition where SM is said to have spent nearly every weekend with TM  and he is living in an apartment in Miami on May 10th. SM says that he returned to the townhouse with TM. In this narrative they did not go to the movies but took baths, played Madden, a computer football game, and tonk, a card game, watched a comedy on TV and talked to girls. At 2 AM they cooked chicken. Then SM slept while TM chatted to girls on his computer. There is no reference to TCM being at the house.

In the morning TCM, now apparently at the house, gave 2 boxes of clothes to SM and TM helped SM carry them to the (SM’s?) car. Notice that in this version TCM is at the townhouse on Sunday morning which, as stated, seems unlikely.

If SM was living in Miami and TCM was too then what is the point of both of them driving separately to Sanford to transfer boxes of clothes?

Is it possible that the reference about moving to Orlando was to provide a plausible reason for a box or boxes being handed over to SM?

If that was the case the question arises what was actually in the boxes and when did they arrive at the townhouse. If they came from Miami it seems unlikely that TCM could have delivered them to the townhouse before SM left. Is it possible that TCM handed them over to BG halfway between Sanford and Miami?

It is plausible that SM finally got round to leaving about 6 or 6.30, dropping TM off at the  7 – eleven, perhaps after sharing a blunt at the town house or in a parking lot. As he left he handed over the phone.

The next time DD called the phone it was answered by TM.

Elements of another version of this narrative can be found in Stephen’s tweets

He refers to getting high and slap boxing the night before the shooting.

On the anniversary of TM’s death he says  Chillin wit bruh minutes b4 his death a year ago”

Then he says less than 48 hours after the shooting the cracker got mad because a “young nigga” put bangaz to him.

How could he know this? It could not be from Zimmerman nor from the police nor from any eyewitnesses. Possibly it was from TCM if he had heard something  from the police. It would be interesting if TCM had initially accepted that TM had been the aggressor in the incident, perhaps even boasted about it.

More probable is that DD told him on Sunday night or Monday morning that TM had been in a fight.  .


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