Brandy Green

This post is for the moment unreferenced. I hope to return soon to add references. If errors are pointed out, they will be corrected as soon as possible.

I assume that anyone reading this has a rough idea of the course of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Anyone who does not should start by looking at Wikipedia.

I propose to examine the statements made by various parties to the prosecution, the defense and the press. It must be remembered that we are hearing only one side of a conversation. We do not hear the questions posed by the reporter or the attorney. Nor are we informed why certain matters were left unexamined. Nor can we make assumptions about who else was or was not present during the conversation.

I will begin by looking at the deposition by Brandy Green (BG),”a  girlfriend” of Tracy Martin (TCM), Trayvon Martin’s (TM) father.

She was interviewed by T C  O’Steen, Bernie De La Rionda and John Guy of the State Attorney’s Office on the 27th of March, just over a month after the shooting. She states that she and TCM were attending a Masonic Convention at Kissimmee, which appears to be about an hour’s drive from Sanford. The convention began on Friday the 24th of February and she and Tracy were at the hotel on Friday night and most of Saturday.

In her statement to the prosecution, Brandy does not say where Chad Joseph (CJ), her son, was on Friday night. She says that they were “all” at the hotel most of Saturday which would imply, in the absence to a reference to TM and CJ arriving on Saturday, that the teenagers had been there the night before. She says that “they attended”  CJ’s  football game and that CJ had a ride with the coach. TM’s cousin Stephen (SM) met them at the game. It is not clear from this whether TCM is supposed to have attended the game. BG says he gave TM money for movies and food but it is not clear whether this occurred at the hotel or the game.

TM,  SM and CJ were at the football game. They were planning on going to the movies but in the end did not.

According to BG, she and TCM came home on Sunday morning and found the three sleeping.

In the evening, she and TCM went out to eat. When they returned at 10.30 pm only CJ was there. CJ said that TM had gone to the store and had not returned. He was supposed to bring skittles.

TCMtried to call TM several times. He and BG went to bed and around 7 AM the next morning, BG  told TCM that TM was not at home. TCM finally contacted SM who did not know where TM was. Then he called the police.

There are some things about this account that are suspicious. It is documented that the convention officially ended at 3 PM on Sunday and that participants were not supposed to leave while it was still on. It is also difficult to see that TCM and BG would be able to get up early in the morning after presumably a late night. It is also surprising that they would leave the convention for at least two or three hours while it was in full swing to watch a football game

On the other hand, it is quite easy to see why she should wish it to be known that she and TCM had driven back to Sanford on Sunday morning and had ensured that the boys were all there sleeping and also why she wanted it known that she and TCM had been at he football match. She would not wish it to be known that she was a neglectful mother leaving a 14 year by himself or with two males both with a documented interest in getting high.

Also there may well have been legal issues. If it could be established that BG had allowed a teenager with serious disciplinary problems to stay unsupervised in her house then she might be vulnerable  to a suit by the homeowners’ association or might jeopardize the suit being brought by TM’s parents.

It is also possible that the process that kept TM out of the court system despite evidence of being a drug dealer and a burglar, or receiver of stolen goods,  may have required some sort of parental supervision.

Since the convention was an hour’s drive from Sanford where the game was held the business about the coach giving CJ a ride to the football game seems odd. If CJ and TM had stayed with TCM and BG at the hotel it would seem unlikely that TCM and BG would allow two teenagers to share their bedroom during a romantic tryst and equally unlikely that they would pay for another bedroom when there was a perfectly good townhouse available. It is a reasonable hypothesis that CJ and TrM were never at the hotel and that on Saturday CJ was in Sanford, from where the coach took him to the game.

It is also reasonable to wonder whether Tracy and Brandy ever left the hotel and convention center or ever went to Sanford on Saturday or on Sunday morning.


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